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Topup.ph is your one-stop shop for buying electronic loads (e-loads), prepaid cards, cable satellite cards, game topup cards, and more. To start sending loads in the Philippines, we have 3 easy steps to follow.

TOPUP.PH'S 1-2-3 reloading process.

  • 1 Top-up your account so you can make a purchase

    Before you can start sending e-loads or buy ABS-CBN mobile, Globe, TM, Sun Cellular, Talk n Text and Smart prepaid call cards, cable satellite cards, game topup cards, and other products you need to top up your account. To know how much points you can get and what products you can availd, use our points calculator.

  • 2 Choose the product you want to purchase

    Once you have enough points, you can start to purchase your desired products. To know more on how to get started, please click here.

  • 3 Earn additional points

    After completing a purchase, you’ll get an additional reward points that can used to purchase your desired products.


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Online Store

Virtual one-stop shop for all your top up needs

Prepaid cards and electronic loads for Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, Talk n Text, Sun Cellular and ABS CBN mobile? We have them all. We can also top up your favourite games, satellite cables and many more products.


We are all about convenience

Registration is a simple 1-2-3 process. You do not need to download anything. In a matter of minutes (or seconds, even!), you will be ready to send loads in the Philippines. No need to rush out of the house and beat the traffic. No need to leave the office to buy prepaid load from the store. No need to log out of your favourite game so you can buy extra load. We make everything convenient for you!

Safe and Secure

Safe and secure

We practice strict online security measures, so you are assured of its safety and security. All connections are encrypted with industry-tested and accepted standards and algorithms for encryption.

We love our customers

We love our customers

We reward our customers by giving back and sharing its blessings. Every time you make a purchase, you will be rewarded with points. These points can be used to purchase any of our product. So the more you top up, the more rewards you will get!

Your number one go-to virtual place for all your top up needs

Because we are convenient, efficient, safe & secure, and it’s the only online reloader in the Philippines that gives back, it should be your number one choice. It should be your only go-to virtual hangout for anything and everything related to top ups and prepaid cards.

So, tara na! Mag-top up na sa topup.ph, anytime, anywhere!